Why Use A JW Cole Advisor?

Personalized Client Focus

JW Cole Financial is a collection of talented, like-minded Advisors whose efforts are focused solely around providing a personalized clear path for clients to achieve financial success. Every client is unique, so each path is different, but the process for developing that path remains a constant.

Where are you today? Where do you want to be someday? We call these Point A and Point B. Understanding Point A involves a lot of fact-finding and data-gathering to objectively look at your current situation. Point B is a bit different, because it's about the future... What are your dreams? Retirement, Family, Vacations, Education, Special Needs, Charity, Legacy, Health and many other areas may all play a part in your future. Shouldn't you prioritize what is important to you?

A JW Cole Advisor can help you organize and evaluate where you are today (Point A), ask you the thought-provoking questions about your future (Point B), and most importantly, help you plan your own personalized path to get from Point A to your Point B. Our business is to help you reach your Point B.

Independent & Customized Solutions

When deciding which Advisor may be right for you, it is important to determine who they answer to... Is it to their clients or their Broker/Dealer?

Many Broker/Dealers and financial companies offer their own proprietary products, such as mutual funds, insurance and/or managed money platforms. Often times, Advisors are paid more on those products or have bonuses based on the use of those products. Inevitably, it is easy for their interests to be more in line with their firm, than providing the client with the best solution possible.

JW Cole Financial has no company-owned or proprietary products. With no added financial interest tied to providing one product over the other, the JW Cole Advisor remains strictly objective. This objectivity allows our Advisors to tailor a customized solution that is in the best interest of the client, not that of the company.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

JW Cole Advisors are independent business professionals and business owners, and nowhere in the world does the entrepreneurial spirit burn brighter than here in America. The very best with this spirit have a foundation in hard work, impeccable ethics, and a focus on succeeding by helping others find success. The JW Cole Advisor has these traits, shares with others inside our organization, and inspires everyone to levels beyond our ability to achieve alone.

We witness every day the entrepreneurial spirit pushing our Advisors to succeed by helping their clients succeed, because as their clients succeed - so does their business. We hope you too will have one of our Advisors working incredibly hard, ethically, and with a laser-sharp focus to help you find your own personal financial success.


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